Alloy Wheel Repair Solution

High Quality Service

At Alloy Wheel Repair Solution we have developed unique processes and equipment that enable us to remanufacture wheels safely and effectively.

Massive Inventory

Alloy Wheel Repair Solution has an inventory database for all Wheels America locations. One call to Alloy Wheel Repair Solution and they can search the entire company inventory, regardless of location.

Lifetime Warranty

Alloy Wheel Repair Solution warranties all wheels we remanufacture against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the wheel. Warranty is transferable and is not dependent upon vehicle ownership.

Alloy Wheel Repair Solution is a website of Wheels America. Wheels America has been repairing wheels since 1994. Our company has remanufactured over 2 million wheels since our business began, and we continue to grow everyday.

Alloy Wheel Repair Solution can be trusted to stand behind its promises. We are 100% dedicated to delivering a satisfactory outcome and will always provide a quality product at a fair price. We measure our success by customer satisfaction.

Alloy Wheel Repair Solution strives to provide only the best quality, service and workmanship. We have invested substantial time and money to deliver the latest technology and equipment that is available in today’s marketplace allowing us to deliver the best repair job achievable at all times.

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Alloy Wheel Repair Solution uses computer controlled machines to ensure accuracy and the correct surface finish, including the fine lines found in machined wheels. Our technology is ever-changing, and we currently have several patents pending for our equipment and processes.

Each wheel we remanufacture at Alloy Wheel Repair Solution goes through a stringent examination procedure to guarantee the structural integrity and accuracy of the wheel upon completion. Wheels that do not meet our safety criteria are never remanufactured.

Get More Info Call Us: 800-4-Fix-Rim